Abadi topple the "Committee of balance" and the political blocs .. afraid to circumvent the reforms

Author: HH
Editor: HH 08/20/2015 10:10

Long-Presse / Baghdad
A parliamentary committee revealed the presence of about a thousand Deputy Minister in Iraq and more than four thousand years, along with the Director of hundreds of government advisers as well as other similar preparation who work in embassies and diplomatic missions. The Committee confirmed that the three deputies Abadi, who recently sacked, they are paid 20 billion dinars annually for the salaries and petty cash.

This comes as the government announced, Tuesday, assigned to a ministerial committee for the redistribution of 4 thousands of "special position", under reforms announced by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi early August the current series.
Parliamentary Finance Committee Petrhik government is demanding that the number of "special grades" for fear that the state bear the financial Abian, retired former official salary for his new position.

The Committee expects the Ministry of Finance data, the end of this August, to detect the size of the change (financial) who received since Abadi announce the launch of his reforms. The Commission talks about re-billions of dinars to the state treasury was dedicated to the three Vice-Chairman of the Government.

On the other hand suggest political parties "delayed" Acts of the State Committee because of the freezing Abadi Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, which is supposed to begin redistributing positions.

And it supports political views Prime Minister directed commissioned a "technical committee" take on the distribution of special grades, and stresses that it "would only monitoring and legislation," and leave the implementation of Ebadi.

And hints that the parties to the Prime Minister had "lost its" If re-approach of his predecessor and close associate of his party chose to manage sensitive managerial positions, he would raise the ire unexpected street religious reference in the event of use of reforms to strengthen his influence.

Feminine "special grades"

He revealed the Information Office of the Prime Minister, on Tuesday, the formation of a committee of experts and advisers in the prime minister to put the criteria for selection of officials in grades four thousand people travel.

MP says Hossam punitive, member of the Finance Committee, said that "it is necessary to re-distribution of special grades were canceled as positions of all advisers in the ministries Outsourcing whether the owners fixed or temporary advisers to determine the three presidencies five advisers for each presidency."

Detection punitive, in connection with the (range), for "the existence of 4580 General Manager, and 917 Deputy Minister, and hundreds of advisers and prepare exaggerated working in Missions and diplomatic missions outside Iraq."

Member of the Finance Committee directs his call to the government to "to refer these to retire and not to find an alternative to them," pointing out that "most of them owners of these positions are out of work and the need for Vaidon," stressing that "the non-replacement will not affect the administrative work."

It stresses that punitive "Replace those with special grades will carry the state Abian million: the first grant a pension to those who are sacked, and the second allocation of salary for the new administrator."

And a member of the Finance Committee confirms that "those with special grades cost the state budget huge amounts of money", adding that "executives their specialty fictional petty amounts, in addition to the already high salaries."

And it reveals that the punitive "Vice-Abadi office receives each $ 8 billion dinars annually, includes salaries and incidentals and security guards," but he asserts that "Bahaa al-Araji is received by his office, where at least two billion dinars a year."

And confirms the MP for the Liberal bloc that "the parliamentary committee waiting for the Ministry of Finance data, the current end of August, in order to reveal the size of the financial change that took place due to recent decisions Abadi." And it asserts that "the decisions of the prime minister came because of his experience in the Finance Committee, and after it was discovered that 80% of oil imports go to the employees' salaries."

Liberals only parliament

Politically, confirms the MP from the Sadrist bloc, said his bloc "will not put pressure on al-Abadi in order to calculate the size and political maturity in the distribution of electoral positions own," stressing by saying "I did not object to the dismissal of al-Araji was his equivalent of two ministries".

And supports the Sadr movement, according to the punitive, Abadi went to besiege the corruption and reduce the administrative slack. He says that "the reference and the street will drive two of the prime minister to choose honest and distant from quotas and party."

It emphasizes punitive "We will keep the political Bhjmna in the House of Representatives, and limit ourselves to monitoring and legislation and leave the implementation of the Prime Minister."

The Moqtada al-Sadr and Ammar al-Hakim, the most prominent Shiite leaders, face harsh criticism of the Prime Minister after he appointed personalities to manage some independent bodies which revolves around the intense struggle between the political blocs.

Crisis in the heart of the state!

He says Fadi al-Shammari, a leader of the Supreme Islamic Council, said that "the balance of the Committee which was formed after the receipt of Abadi government last September hamper its work during the past nine months, and did not achieve the goal that was established for him."

On the other hand indicates al-Shammari, through contact with the (range), that "the new government committee not yet been formed," but he asserts that it is the "Committee purely technical and enter the political forces or parties where," adding, "We support and we insist on keeping it technical."

And by the political agreement which resulted in the formation of a government-Abadi, the political blocs agreed to form a "committee to balance" take on the distribution of government posts according to the elections. Committee members include the three-Abadi and his deputies as well as some representatives of the political blocs.

Shammari confirms that "the citizen and the Liberal bloc have agreed on the formation of political parties is far from management reforms to the Commission." But he corrects saying "Some people afraid of turning the Commission to the vehicle used by al-Abadi of the uniqueness of power and those close to him or the appointment of the Dawa party."

And it calls upon the leadership of the Supreme Council of al-Abadi "give assurances to the street and to the political forces that the reforms are not bound Balthzb".

It is likely Shammari, said the ministerial committee is facing delays in their work, attributing this to the "al-Abadi has solved the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers its members eight, and its chairman and his two deputies a week ago."

He continued by saying that "the government, according to her words, cost the Secretariat to conduct reforms and the distribution of positions, but it is now frozen, it will do the work instead?".

And it possesses no answer Shammari alternative government agency that will oversee the implementation of reforms, but he asserts that "the absence of an executor is not in favor of change and reform, because the country needs to precise and correct decisions."

Actions by characters

On the other hand sees the citizen block, according to al-Shammari, said that "the best way to reform is the targeting procedures and reform of the administrative organization of more than change the characters."

And recognizes the existence of al-Shammari great strides made by the government on the side of administrative reform, through the use of experts and specialists in the field of reform and restructuring of the banking system, the industrial and economic spheres, and follow-up tax and customs.

So says MP Sadiq frankincense, a member of a coalition of state law, "Some powers are pressing for reforms in the new positions and positions."

He frankincense, told the (range), that "al-Abadi if he wanted him to stay in office to hold a real and fast reforms and commensurate with the demands of the street and reference."

He MP for the rule of law by saying that "the Committee distribution of special grades, is supposed to be far away from quotas and work in a manner contrary to previous committees that have been looking for over the political and sectarian balance in government institutions, which implicitly canceled after the start of reforms."