Plan to promote the expertise of the oil sector

BAGHDAD - Hussein Tgb

The advancement of human resources represents the best investment for the magnitude of the great economic feasibility of the country, especially with the availability of expertise in the oil sector and various disciplines competencies, and this is sufficient for us all to go to the international effort developed and provides the costs of this process, according to a specialized economic sources.

An official source in "Shell Oil" company operating in Iraq Branch said, the company offers in collaboration with the South Oil Company for the development of petroleum training a global standards on various subjects and skills technical and non-technical to more than 200 employees of the Ministry of Oil and the South Oil Company in recent months, particularly since the beginning of the fourth quarter for the year past and up to the second quarter of this year.

He noted that the continuous training and deals with a training plan for the production process duration of eight weeks provided by the company "Schlumberger" oil services, and a training course again in the field of financial audit provided by the company "Ernst & Young" financial audit, as well as Workshop on Project Management in cooperation with the SOGOS consulting firm focused on the stages of Shell in project management, as well as English language course duration of 6 weeks provided by the competent Institute in English language training in the field of work of the Anguarama (Linguarama).

The aim of all these courses offered to focus On a practical learning and enable trainees to apply what they have learned as soon as they return to their positions. In order to explain more is used simulation program, and studies and realistic case, and other media and educational tools through exercises to simulate real business scenarios.

This is the version of the completion of these courses certificates and authenticated by international companies, such as Ernst & Young and Schlumberger, and used to monitor the history of vocational training for employees.

Expert International Mustafa Abdul-Hussein Energy said in an interview for »morning« the importance of training Iraqi experience working in the oil sector and bringing it to the world in dealing with advanced technology adopted in the oil fields, pointing out that the presence of Management joints oil work local expertise in most of the joints exploration and production as well as Transportation save a lot of expenses for the country, noting that the adoption of international expertise needs to be a large financial outlay.

And the need for local expertise to communicate with global technology taking place in the oil sector, through its field presence to the global training centers specialized in the oil industry development, pointing out that Iraq has oil reserves large, setting calls for a large local expertise in this aspect.

The head of Shell companies in Iraq Hans Nickamb "with Shell has a long history with Iraq dates back to the era of the twenties of the last century, the company is seeking to develop local talent and provide these courses in Iraq so that trainee to develop his skills and experience that will support building a better future for this country. " In the same vein Muhammad Ali participating in the session said that the training provided by Shell advantage of the availability of international experience, and in my capacity as an employee of the South Oil Company, I am very pleased to join such a wonderful training courses provided by Shell, and I am confident that they will help me to enhance my capabilities in the future. » The Shell Iraq Company A variety of courses group offers topics, aims to develop the capacity of staff to benefit from the skills and mutual between the local staff of the Ministry of Oil and the South Oil Company and experiences.