Parliamentary economy calls for the allocation of the budget to stimulate the private sector and develop a strategy for the advancement of its

19/08/2015 08:39 GMT

Continue . And babysit - called for the economic and investment commission in Parliament to allocate resources to stimulate the private sector's budget, and the development of an integrated strategy to promote it.
Committee member of the Charter of Hamidi told the "public opinion" reported that "the adoption of the labor law alone is not enough to promotion of the private sector in the country, but it requires the government to develop a new, integrated strategy, relying on as a substitute for oil private sector to increase the resources of the state."

Hamdi and indicated that "the new labor law included major repairs will be able to adjust the economic work in the situation in Iraq, through the provision of opportunities and elaborate plans to work according to the law."

It is said that the Iraqi Council of Representatives voted yesterday to labor law and social security, after its existence for eight Snoan inclusion in the House of Representatives.

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