Parliament sends a letter to the energy region: Where the export of oil money?

19.08.2015 at 12:41 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
A member of the Committee on Energy parliamentary Zaher al-Abadi, on Wednesday, sending his committee a letter to the energy minister in the Kurdistan region of it will explain the reasons for non-compliance with the province's oil agreement with Baghdad and the direction of the export of oil and inquire about the fate of the money accruing from the export operations, pointing out that the amount of oil export Sumo cross reached zero in the last few days.

Ebadi said L / scales News / "The lack of the province's commitment to the agreement the oil reached the maximum grades reaching the export of oil from the region through the SOMO through zero the past few days, with that continuously export oil through the Turkish port of Ceyhan to Aurbae," noting that "the federal government does not have any information about where to go and export earnings process. "

He said the parliamentary power by "The oil agreement became law in the federal budget for 2015 and is binding on Baghdad and Erbil can not be modified or hold other agreement", adding that "the lack of commitment to the region with the agreement that serves the two parties confirms that the intention of the provincial commitment in any other agreement."

He said Abadi, that "the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary sent a letter to the Minister of Energy in the province, however, a committee member of the Kurdistan Alliance for the ID of the reasons why the province of non-compliance with the agreement of oil and how it is exported oil region and where to go the money derived from the export process," noting that "money You may go into the pockets of special officials, because of the preoccupation with the federal government Daash war against terror as well as the preoccupation with Kurdish parties to the conflict over the position of presidency of the province. " It ended 29/28