Jubouri approval of the National Guard Law supports liberalization of Anbar and Nineveh process

By mostafa emed

twelve thirteen 19/08/2015

Brother - Baghdad
House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, a student of political blocs passage of the law of the National Guard to support the liberalization of the provinces of Anbar and Nineveh process.

Jubouri said in a speech during the liberation of Anbar conference in the presence of the governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi and a number of ministers, MPs and members of the Anbar province, ambassadors, religious scholars and tribal leaders today: "We are looking forward to the preparation of a comprehensive liberalization plan Anbar province from the control of the organization Daash terrorist and re Nazhaha who have suffered harm after exit from their rejection of the terrorist gangs and their domination after he stood in front of years before the first copy Daash an Al-Qaeda.

He added that the time has come to develop a comprehensive plan for the Liberation of Anbar province from the control of the organization Daash terror through the gate of reunion and collaboration with security forces that have done well during the months of fighting in the province despite the lack of intake and weapons, stressing that the people of Anbar are able to fight the battle of liberation after saving weapons and training caffeine and the sacrifices they made in modern and al-Baghdadi.

He reiterated his claim al-Jubouri, the biggest support to the people of Anbar does not include only the provision of arms and supplies but also to the adoption of the National Guard Act, which would Sanda for editing operations in Anbar and Nineveh, calling for political blocs to the compatibility of the National Guard in order to approve the law.

He said the government and parliamentary reforms included various state institutions, including the security establishment to bring out the corrupt and incompetent officers set my own name instead of the agency.