Chord Maliki: be shgaaaokdm yourself..!
Date: Wednesday, 19-08-15 01:22 pm

I went back the KDP Deputy berwan khilani accuse Al-Maliki & # 65275; chubby stand behind the fall of Mosul to avoid the results of the Parliament which campaigning responsibility, calling on him to courage and habeas corpus to keep him himself.
Khilani confirmed in a press release received underground news agency copy to former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki that Tehran made irrational and unacceptable and contrary to the investigations and the testimony of officials who were interrogated about the fall of Mosul, including senior officers in the army, which was led by Al-Maliki when he was leader, the years of the armed forces while the fall of Mosul.
She noted that Al-Maliki seeks to mislead public opinion and confusion and foment nationalism and sectarianism that was the only thing that has Al-Maliki during the reign of Iraq, causing the collapse of the armed forces and the army and control of organizing terrorist daash third of Iraq and the killing and displacement of millions of displaced people and enchant a & # 65275; & # 65275; in women and girls and the collapse of the country's economy.
She called for Maliki to show courage and appear before the Iraqi judiciary to defend himself and they keep him the same a & # 65275; Dall revealed by the Parliamentary Commission charged with investigating the causes of the fall of Mosul, instead of creating lies and misinformation and deception that Maliki was still brilliant tags.
Former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has accused Turkey and Kurdistan region by contributing to the fall of Mosul, however, dash.