After the abolition of his post and moving to convict him judicially .. Maliki in the face of the unknown

If it is no longer politically Tehran will end .. and waiting for him if he returned confrontations with the group Abadi within his own party «call»

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Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa

Of Iran visited Currently, Iraqi Vice President announced the article, Nuri al-Maliki, yesterday, rejected the findings of the commission of inquiry in the fall of Mosul report, describing it as «no value», and «Committee are not objective and neutral.»

Maliki, who do not still insist on the use of the title «Vice President» despite parliament's approval to cancel the positions of the three Vice-President and the declaration of the president Fuad Masum support for the decision and denying his claim to keep one deputy to him, repeat, from Iran also, what has already been said that the issue of the fall of Mosul, a plot hatched between Ankara and Erbil.

Based on what was confirmed by Iraqi politician early in an interview for «Middle East», asking not to refer to his identity or the political party to which he belongs, the «Maliki started to lose a lot of maneuvering opportunities which was owned by, and that was before the abolition of office is to position itself and provided him a broad movement in the field of work despite the lack of powers, but the issue of the powers in Iraq are no longer important, but influence is important, which is what he needed to Maliki this site to continue his influence, in addition to being the leader of a coalition of law » .

He adds political, that «the abolition of office for the development of al-Maliki, much different from the position of Vice President others sacked, Osama Najafi or Iyad Allawi who are returned used the title, but that Najafi perhaps to spite Maliki went to what is beyond it while turning to the largest pro-reforms Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi from outside the surrounding Prime Minister Circle ».

He goes on the Iraqi political, saying that «out-Maliki from the post of vice president would make him in direct confrontation with al-Abadi and his group from within the rule of law and the Dawa Party because it no longer has a position, with its privileges and influence, but Even if returned to Parliament, even though it legally unlikely, it would just be a deputy does not have only the immunity which is not enough for a man who was planning to stay in the spotlight of the third mandate. »

In response to a question about the modern which is trading in the street now about what If al-Maliki will return to Baghdad or stay in Tehran after the referral of his case to the judiciary, the political said Iraqi: «Maliki will return and probably tomorrow (Thursday), because in the absence of his return or delay will end the political future quickly, which can not do it with such ease, Thus it will return, but he will try to raise objections and problems for the report of Mosul ».

And whether it still has the power source through the factions in the militia «People crowd» In the context of its relationship with Iran, where he was scheduled to meet later yesterday mentor Top Ali Khamenei, the Iraqi politician said: «chance even at this level began to decline because Try to use the crowd to return to power, while the leaders of (the crowd), which owns the field now, in the forefront of Hadi al-Amiri, exceeded the dreams of al-Maliki and started looking for benefits for themselves, not to mention that the demonstrations, and can have the results of perhaps the most prominent of which is now the rise of a rocket of a star-Abadi, confused everyone ».

Abadi, for his part, in a veiled reference to the controversy that erupted yesterday between Maliki and the Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry fall of Mosul leader of Sadr of quitting, said during the Cabinet meeting, the first session after the ministerial limbering, he «will not hesitate to refer those involved corruption on the judiciary to undermine his punishment fair Whatever his status, and will not take us right to anybody as long ».

In response to the accusations made ​​by al-Maliki to Zamila not professional, Zamili said: «you professionally in the Committee, though his (al-Maliki) guide other Vlathbth and submit it ».

He added that «each side accusing the events developed members, including the Commission of Inquiry fall of Mosul as lawyers reported and the number of members from nine members to 11 and then 17 to 26 members did not disagree as members but to vote after that became clear facts and we got to the results and our proven beyond doubt through documents and statements that the defendants are the number one (Nuri al-Maliki) to No. 35 and then got an objection in this matter.

Zamili and explained that «the members of the Committee of the Sunni component, mostly voted on this report with the exception of the members are united coalition understanding defended and refused to accuse the governor of Nineveh article (Liberation of Iraq) The State of Law coalition (Maliki), and specifically the Dawa Party, has objected to accuse the names of the coalition.

He said: «for the rule of law three members of whom voted in the Committee on the report's recommendations, in addition to two of the mass of the citizen and the Liberal», pointing out that «the voters of the state of law are Qassim al-Araji, Nostalgia Qadu and Sabah al-Saadi, and block 'Abdul Karim al-Naqib and I, Chairman of the Committee (of quitting) on the block free.

He continued: «Those who objected to the report and refused to vote of the rule of law and a full understanding Zaidi Amer al-Khuzai, thunder inhibitor. As a member of the Committee, two of the state law also (Abbas al-Khuzai, and Ammar Tohme), the votes to approve the report and its recommendations, but they did not sign him ».

He asked Zamili: «So where lack of impartiality in the writing of the report and the investigation? And why at the exit of the recommendations we are not professionals? And why have not demanded Bastbdali even at the last meeting of the Committee and I assured them of my readiness to give up the chairmanship of the Committee and to allow the rest of the members to deal with the file, but any of them did not accept the management of the meeting because they are not easy and is more like a war ».

For his part, has stressed member of the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament Former Iraqi Kurdistan Alliance bloc Chuan Mohamed Taha told the «Middle East», that «the Kurdistan region back on charges of al-Maliki and a coalition of state law, but under no circumstances the general commander of the armed forces bear full responsibility for what happened», pointing out that «there Facts and merits emphasizes that what happened before the fall of Mosul was planned by al-Maliki in order to return to power and picking the third mandate until the door drop Sunni leaders in the western regions and the declaration of emergency law that allows him to control and put the Kurdistan region with a fait accompli, so the issue of Mosul is not just neglect, but they are planning by al-Maliki and by military commanders have carried out what he wanted but things turned inversely turned Mosul rope rescue him at the level of the intensification of differences with his opponents at the level of the third term to rope seemed close to his neck in case convicted of what happened » .