Maliki was involved in the largest money laundering operation in Iraq

The involvement of his son and his in-laws and the leaders of the call .. parliamentary sources:

08/18/2015 19:46:36

Nuri al-Maliki, who is currently in Tehran in addition to the issue of facilitating the delivery of Mosul to state regulation facing charges of laundering more funds management process in the history of Iraq.
«Okaz» and learned that a private form of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, a government commission will begin within days to open the financial files for the owners to begin its work in parallel with the mini-financial committee set up by Parliament to follow up on money laundering in the central bank file or transfer large sums of money out of the country accuse Maliki of being behind it.
Said parliamentary sources for «Okaz» The financial transfers to the owners and his family in the central bank files with high uncertainty, especially on the issue of disclosure of the sources of the funds transferred out of the country, estimated at billions of dollars, noting that the largest of these transfers were for banks the «Alberivc» in Switzerland.
The sources pointed out that the documented information confirms reached some facts that permit the provision of the case file to the judiciary, noting that there is a huge financial figures have been agitated in recent years have turned to the accounts of al-Maliki and members of his family out of the country, whether by the central bank or exchange companies.
She said that the numbers that indicate her official records in the bank and report the bank for remittance movements carried out by some exchange companies, which bear the names of al-Maliki and his son and some leaders of the Dawa Party, led by very large-Maliki was converted during the past 6 years. So Abadi visit was postponed due to be carried out today to China, so as to follow up the implementation of reforms package to combat corruption, and the security situation in the country.