Adnan al-Asadi: nothing to do with the fall of Mosul me .. because I was not the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces!
Date: Tuesday 08/18/2015

MP for the coalition of state law, Adnan al-Asadi, said on Monday, lifting its name from the fall of Mosul report.
Asadi said at a news conference attended by several agencies, "it was lifting my name from the list of names contained in the Commission fall of Mosul."
He added that "the receipt of my name in the The final report was Tabaaaa error where they were collecting signatures from members of the committee on the lifting of my name, but he repeated in the final print, "explaining that he" attended the meetings of the Committee previously been taking testimony on that side.
"attributed Asadi cause omissions that" he has served as Undersecretary of the Ministry Interior nothing to do with me military Balqtat and withdrawal, "adding hang him, laughing," I was the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces at the time.
"He said al-Asadi that" the Commission is not convinced that nothing to do with me the issue of the fall of Mosul, when I was in the Ministry of Interior, "noting that" some members of the Committee confessed not my responsibility for the case. "
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