Pressure from mass protests fortifies Abadi partners and their ministries canceled

Tue Aug 18 2015
09:28 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa

While expected to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi take a new package of reforms during the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, the decision taken on Thursday evening to cancel and merge a number of ministries in addition to the abolition of positions of the three deputies and reduce ministerial cab from the 33 to 22 ministers, did not protests from any of the political partners who included the bloc faces cancellation of their ministries.

While this package received from the reforms accepted warned of civilian activists who began directing warning messages to Abadi because of slowness in the process of reform and not rise to the level enjoyed by the public support, it is, according to the announcement by the Information Office of Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi director in an interview with « Middle East »,« it is expected that there will be a new package of reforms announced expected during the Cabinet meeting (today) include other things in the context of the work of state and government, including higher levels of performance to effective ».

Sabri added that «the issue of abolition and merge a number of ministries were based on recommendations by a committee specialized technical government Baltrchiq in terms of overlapping ministries or converged with each other, where the Committee recommended that are merging or cancellation process away from any other considerations, because the issue of reform now is the most important, and advocated by all ». He pointed out that «under this resolution was to ensure that there is overlap and coverage of the work of ministries canceled by the ministries which merged in». And on whether they have been taken into account the political consensus in force in Iraq, Sabri said: «in principle, has the merger and the cancellation in accordance with the foundations of purely technical, but taking into account the principle of consensus obtained almost automatically, because the ministries covered belong to all the blocks around, then your There is no unfairness signed the other hand, without, in addition to the reform process that turned into a grassroots demand for compressor, and there are other packages in different areas such as independent bodies or others, it may get a sense of balance or take into account some aspects ».

In this context, some civilian activists found that the merging and abolition of ministries include a fraction process than called for by the demonstrations, which requires more drastic action. He said civil rights activist Sadiq Hussain told «Middle East» that «these measures should have been taken before the demonstrations originally, which is part of what has been demanded by some of the blocks, even though it was a matter of bids», pointing out that «the required reform process is much more general than being so Now; as we still see that the Prime Minister has not yet been able to cut great strides completely contrary to the will of the political blocs that although the supports what gets to ride the wave of the Libyan door, they put pressure on the other side through the Constitution and laws ». He pointed out that «the roof of the demonstrations will not decrease, because we call for real reform; starting from the referral of the corrupt to justice, to the reform of the judiciary itself, and cancellation practical for the office of the Vice-President of the Republic and not dilute it by keeping one deputy, this is totally unacceptable».

The Vice President of the Republic article Osama Najafi first supporters of integration and abolition of ministries. He said his coalition «united» in a statement yesterday received the «Middle East» a copy of it, that «Najafi received a phone call from Abadi, which Najafi announced his support reform of the decisions taken Abadi concerning the abolition of some ministries and other integration that». The statement added that «Ministerial limbering conduct conformity with the Constitution and laws, and offers real opportunities for further activity and efficiency while reducing red tape, and works on the activation state contexts correctly, and a coalition of (united) to repair supports this trend out of its objectives in the service of citizens».

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