President of the Iraqi parliament rejects pressure Maliki's coalition Basttnaih of referral to the judiciary

Tue Aug 18 2015
08:15 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad: Hamza Mustafa

Iraqi parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri rejected the pressures exerted by the Congress coalition of state law, led by Vice President of the Republic article Nuri al-Maliki to delete his name from the committee report after the fall of Mosul yesterday's parliamentary vote to refer the whole file to the judiciary.
Jubouri said in a press conference held in the parliament building he had told «the political blocs not to exclude any name from the Commission on the fall of Mosul report», indicating that «we do not have the right to delete the name of a person stated the report». He said al-Jubouri: «This report total, including the facts and merits of the answers and the names of not exempt him one and will be referred to the judiciary and public prosecution to take a range of», pointing out that «all the names that have been mentioned in this report will not delete the name of which will be transmitted all to justice and will be the process of investigation and follow-up and accounting for each of the reason for the fall of Mosul ».

He defended al-Jubouri, the mechanism by which the file was forwarded to the judiciary, saying: «Our work indicates including its rules of procedure on the report of the investigation the fall of Mosul and ordered us to print this report and distribute it to the House of Representatives clearly». Jubouri said that «House of Representatives voted to refer the file, including the facts and merits of the names and evidence to the competent authorities in accordance with the natural context and the desired outcome of the House of Representatives that he did not exclude a paragraph of this report did not exclude someone», indicating «There was bet to exercise pressure not govern the House of Representatives and should not be subject, as the Committee on not subject to political pressure when he arrived at the results reached by », adding that« the report was written and would take its neutrality and will monitor the results and the consequent ».

The members of the State of Law coalition have threatened to suspend their membership or resign from parliament if it does not delete the name of al-Maliki, which did not happen, where were referred full names contained therein to eliminate the file. In this context, the legal adviser, Ahmed al-Abadi in an interview for «Middle East» emphasized that «if the law has been properly applied, the less penalty can be obtained by al-Maliki is life imprisonment», adding that «in the case was tried for treason in case Install that the fall of Mosul, was built on the inaction as commander in chief of the armed forces up to the referee penalty ». Abadi added that «after referral of the file to eliminate the mechanism to be followed are forwarded to the public prosecutor in order to trigger criminal proceedings against those named by the competent judge who will be assigned to the task and therefore supposed to be lifting the immunity of his immunity and without any active will be the trial of the accused.»

And on whether al-Maliki will deliver a fair trial or not, Abadi said that «things ambiguous now because of the atmosphere of demonstrations and this means that said in the event of mounting public anger, the judiciary would be more assertive, but in case there is a kind of complacency, many of the judges were under al-Maliki effect, Thus, the procedures will be prosthesis. » In response to a question about the options available to the owners now, Abadi said that «al-Maliki is trying to put pressure on al-Jubouri, from another angle, said an alternative resignation in the membership of parliament Hassan Sinead, in order to Maliki return a member of Parliament and therefore enjoys immunity which protects them from the trial unless lift the immunity.»
And accuse the Commission of Inquiry Maliki's report as «did not have an accurate perception of the seriousness of the security situation in Nineveh because he relies in his assessment of the misleading reports submitted to him», and «to choose leaders and commanding incompetent practiced under their leadership all types of corruption», and {lack of commitment to building New Iraqi Army capabilities}, and that he «has not taken a firm decision after the collapse of the military units (..) and reorganization of withdrawing pieces and left open the matter to the leaders that are taking what they see fit».

Meanwhile, a coalition «united» which is headed by Osama Najafi his refusal to report the results of Mosul announced so as to hand and Rhode governor of Nineveh province Liberation of Iraq in the name of the report. He said the coalition in a statement received «Middle East» a copy of which he «From the beginning we have said and stressed that the Commission of Inquiry on the fall of Mosul political ineligible to reach real results indicate reasons for the fall actually defines negligent», returned to «large number of members of the Committee and the nature of their affiliations and allegiances and their terms of reference Making a clear deviation toward Find the victims and not about the facts. » Coalition and added that «after years of research, investigation and survey, in a maze Find the salvation of the predicament Committee entered as a non-eligible, and fragile, subject to dictate the terms and directions stray far from the commandments of the Almighty Creator of the approaching satanic tendencies soaked in persistence to punish Mosul and symbols honorable», wondering: «What is the meaning that the Commission ignores all the facts, figures and events and timings and schedules furnished by, Liberation of Iraq through a hearing that lasted more than seven hours». He went on coalition Najafi, in his questions, saying: «how to be responsible Ethyl has robbed all his powers until he could not move or move one policeman, and how a chief administrative officer can prevent the collapse and the flight of tens of thousands of employees of military units and federal police».

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