Air ports contribute to the flow of goods to markets

8/19/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi joy pumice
play border crossing points, including airports, role in strengthening the national economy through easing momentum in the land and sea ports when entering the goods, especially in the circumstances taking place in the country.

and enjoyed Iraq feature multiplicity of customs and border crossing points with neighboring countries which give flexibility in the introduction of goods merchants, but what is going through the country from the control of the organization (Daash) terrorist on some northern and western regions outlets have prevented the entry of goods from the ports of those areas requires strengthening of other ports such as ports in Basra and airports outlets synonymous.

In this context mention specialist in Alhawon customs Ammar Mahmoud, the airports in Baghdad and other provinces contribute greatly to the ease and distracting momentum of flocked goods-laden trucks at land border ports, stressing that the current stage requires attention to this port and providing it technical Bmlakat enjoy the experience and competencies to control fraud and limit the introduction of Aldalia corrupt and expired reduces health risks and wasting money at one time.

He said Mahmoud, that Iraq needs a private aircraft to enhance air cargo, which is one of the most important means of transport of goods which is characterized by safe ways and with minimal losses, but also the advantage of its high cost Pajurh especially that earmarked for transport aircraft pay customs duties as well as wage airports internationally recognized.

General Administration of Customs of Iraq's possession confirms about 14 Kmarkia center divided between border crossing points and Free Zones and air port "international airport in Baghdad," in addition to implementing offshore in the ports of Umm Qasr and Khor Al-Zubair and the rest is distributed as follows: one port on Jordanian border is Trebil and three ports on the Syrian border is the newborn and outstanding and Rabia and port Abraham on the Turkish border and Mundhiriyah on the Iranian border and Arar on the Saudi border and Safwan on the Kuwaiti border.

He said the circumstance that Iraq is going through now reduced the number of border outlets of territorial access one after that More than 3 ports, port maritime and port Joey represented by Baghdad's international airport, but he also said: what requires a strengthening of air and sea ports to relieve momentum on the land ports, because the country needs the flow of goods high smoothly to different its markets to ensure stability and lack of high prices through the continued flow food commodities and various goods from the southern and eastern border ports.

He noted that the companies contracted by the Ministry of Planning to examine the goods at border crossing points are examined, including that matches the standard specifications.

He competent to work in the maritime, land and air ports is one business It is no different a lot, but in some procedures related to the nature of the ports, adding that the cadres of the Ministry of Finance has a highly experienced increased from its experience opening Iraq to the world after 2003, where the border crossing points to recite the tashahhud are witnessing now of increasing activity in the pace of entry of goods requires benefit from the old experiences and grafted onto a new experience operating sophisticated systems.

He that airports have the old infrastructure are needed to expand its stores and to add refrigerators to ensure that no damage of imported food or other perishable materials, indicating that the reduction of high prices is an important factor at the moment to install the pillars of the community's economy and averting shocks and reduce influenced by the circumstances in which passes by the country.

To therefore urged adviser in international trade affairs on land, sea and air transport adoption in the trade exchange between Iraq and the countries of the world to its importance in supporting the country's economy, as well as possessing the basic components to activate this area.

Adviser Tawfiq Ali Hassoun saw the possibility that pose the biggest southern provinces economic, commercial and industrial free zone, creating the largest commercial exchange process, believing it will contribute to the operation of many of the manpower, thus eliminating the unemployment rates in the country.

He said in his speech for the "morning": that trade from lagging files in the country file and see many of the obstacles, stressing the importance of taking institutions involved in this field an active role in stimulating and supporting trade, contracting and find business opportunities, as well as its role in attracting investors and traders outside.

He Chancellor necessity Federation of Chambers of Commerce coordinate with the Ministry of Transport and the Federation of carriers to contribute to the facilities of trade operations especially as the country's economy depends rents unilateral in the economy represented by the export of oil.

And that this kind revenue of Commerce will support the activation of other productive sectors of the non-oil sector, and thus diversify its exports to make Iraq an anchor of global trade, calling for modern logistics system application, a supply and storage system in the country , especially since he will be a source to attract international companies.