A number of laws abolishing the dissolved Revolution Command Council resolutions Ministry Justice News
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2015-08-18 09:38:00

The new issue of the newspaper by Iraqi realities (4372), which contained a number of laws passed by the House of representatives in accordance with the provisions of item (I) of article (61) and item (iii) of article 73 of the Constitution and ratified by the President of the Republic. The Director General of Iraqi realities (Mohannad Al-itabi): the abolition of laws, resolutions of the dissolved Revolution Command Council of notable contents of this issue, where the Presidency ratified laws repeal decisions numbered (909) of 1978 and (116) of 2002 (40) 2002 and (11) of 2003, he said, that the first amendment to the Act law award trainees in vocational training centres of the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs No. (38) (2008) , Lack of uptake of training courses resulting from lack of bonus awarded to trainees. And between, The Iraqi scientific compound law No. (22) of the year (2015) and fund reconstruction of areas affected by the terrorist attacks (4) year (2015), adopted by Council of Ministers resolution No. (237) of the year (2015) under laws that have been approved. He noted that the number included is a Republican Decree requiring the appointment as Ambassador (non-resident) of the Republic of Iraq to the Republic of Cuba, and the first amendment of the rules of procedure of the human rights Department in the Ministry of justice no. (4) of (2013), in addition to the instructions and rules of insurance practice and literature, no. (19) of the year (2015) and help construction companies and contractors, and inclusion in the blacklist (1) year (2015).