During his visit to the Central Bureau of Statistics (NBS) ... and the Minister of Planning and directs the development of appropriate mechanisms for the dissemination of statistical data across different media

Ministry News 18 August, 2015

Mr. Minister of Planning Dr. Salman al-Jumaili face put controls and appropriate mechanisms for policy statistical suitable enable the Central Bureau of Statistics of the Ministry of Planning of dissemination of data and statistics and reports via Sal various media, including contributing to the support of plans and tasks undertaken by the Ministry of Planning, including the National Development Five-Year, plans and strategies other plan
The Minister stressed during his inspection visit to the Central Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on the need to make use of the results and indicators of field surveys to draw practical policies commensurate with reality and increase the efficiency of development sectors, especially the agricultural and industrial sectors that represent a strategic supporter of the national economy .. calling for greater coordination between statistical departments and departments levels sectoral ministry in order to take advantage of the statistical indicators and leading to the development of solid scientific plans to be adopted at the national level.

The Minister pointed out the need to work and coordination between the departments of Statistics and the Ministry on the one hand and the Investment Authority and the company executing the project for residential Basmajh the other hand, in order to develop appropriate mechanisms to enable the employees of the ministry of the purchase of residential units in the said compound

The Minister inspected during his visit to the Central Bureau of Statistics (NBS) a number of departments, a machine count population and labor force, agricultural statistics and statistics construction and the Department of Industrial Statistics Department as well as the legal department and the engineering division in the machine

He met with the minister during the visit Bmnzbe statistical departments listener for their detailed explanation of the nature of their work and tasks undertaken by them all according to its competence, issues and obstacles facing their work .. stressing that they will do their best to support the reform process taking place in Iraq by providing information Statistical minute

The Minister also praised the efforts of workers and what they have achieved in the device from a statistical accomplishment has become an important source for all local and international agencies that are looking for statistical data in various joints of life .. stressing that proper planning requires statistical information accurate and fast.