Economic: the effects of reforms Abadi will appear when preparing the 2016 budget

He favored a specialist in economic affairs haven secretary, that contribute to the reforms launched by the President of the Special Minister packages merging ministries and reducing the protections and the abolition of provisions of degrees own, to reduce expenses and channeling funds obtained them towards securing arms for security forces and provide relief to displaced people and carry out the task service projects, stressing that the results of these reforms It will appear in the next year when preparing the 2016 budget. The prime minister Haider al-Abadi had decided, last Sunday, reducing the cabinet members to 22 instead of 33 after the cancellation of the three posts of Vice-President and four ministries and the integration of eight with each other.
The secretary, that "decisions reformist prime minister started from the principle of austerity and reduce unnecessary expenses and expenditures that can be dispensed with, especially that Iraq is going through a financial crisis and a war of attrition with the terrorist enemy enjoyed a number of cities and destroyed and abandoned her family what is imperative for the government under these difficult circumstances Find rings that tax burden on the budget in the projects can be dropped or deferred, or they basically useless and non-utility ".

He added that "government decisions harmonious with the demands of the popular demonstrations service, focused on the launch of energies of the current officials or to be recruited from academics and professionals known for their integrity and efficiency, and other decisions of a private anti-corruption, in addition to the cancellation of allocations of special grades measures, will contribute to provide billions of dollars to the treasury it can show effects in the 2016 budget next year. "

He continued the secretary that "the orientations of the Prime Minister towards the implementation of bold reforms, especially concerning the fight against corruption, will be reflected towards the construction of an administrative device efficiently take integrity slogan him what prevents the waste of public money and carry out the task service projects away from the slides waste and corruption", adding that "this government trends will lead to achieve significant financial savings that can be utilized in the implementation of giant projects in the preparation of next year's budget. "