During his visit BSA President of the Parliament: the reform process is dolly and effective institutions will remain politically title

The head of the House of Representatives, Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri, on Tuesday, the need for an arms contribution and effective and dolly to the process of reform, pointing out that the process without it will remain politically just a title. The sovereignty "There is a clear diagnosis in disrupt what happened to state-building, and if we want to start a serious and effective it must be given an important role of state institutions capable of evaluation and find effective and practical solutions to correct the path. This came during a visit by the President of the Council to the Board of Supreme Audit Court, where he met director and general managers and advanced staff in it. President al-Jubouri said that the current need for greater interaction by state institutions, adding that the state reform initiatives launched in this regard will remain mere slogans if it does not touch the actual fact has not carried out through the tools and institutions are humiliating to the reform process.
He pointed sovereignty that he can not talk about the follow-up for money, performance and evaluation in state institutions without the help of institutions with expertise and sobriety and efficiency, which has an objective of the evaluation process standards, while praised the role of Supreme Audit and the proper performance of his staff, described him as "one of the main pillars of the state in the maintenance of public money and the stability of the situation and evaluation of performance. "

Mr. Speaker also stressed that the Council past to start a revolution legislative laws relating to public money, protect and create channels that block those ports, pointing out that the Board of Supreme Audit Reports will take up most of the attention of the House of Representatives and that it will begin to hold hearings directly and continuously invest all efforts in support of the reform process.

For their part, Mr. Director of Cabinet and advanced staff thanked the visit of President al-Jubouri, being the first visit of a senior official in the Iraqi state to court, appraisers role in supporting the sovereignty of state institutions and follow-up requirements.


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The President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives