House staff staying rally to back packs, parliamentary and government reforms

August 18 0.2015
The presence of Mr. Iyad Namik glorious Secretary General of the Council of Representatives and his deputies Mr. Bade-Jubouri and Mr. Salah Humairi was held in the courtyard of the Council on Tuesday, 18/08/2015 great gathering of all the staff of the House of Representatives in support of the beams circles parliamentary and governmental reforms.

And across the assembly which gentlemen advisers and directors general of the departments of the Council participated in their support for the measures taken by the House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers to bring about the necessary reforms and promote the work of state institutions, including the reduction of Council staff salaries in support of the families of the martyrs and the forces and fighters of the popular crowd and the Peshmerga and the displaced.

The information department
Iraqi Council of Representatives