Jubouri: pointless to talk about reforms, without reform the judiciary and that the long-symbols


House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, stressed the importance of achieving reform in the judiciary. He called al-Jubouri in a press statement to "the importance of achieving reform in the judiciary has been affecting the operation symbols and figures to have been affected and this in order to eliminate this institution remains a guarantor for all." He added that "It is pointless to talk about reform in isolation from the reform of the judiciary and this is achieved from within so that we get in Ntmon Mahalah the files to satisfactory results, including the fall of Mosul file and without reform the judiciary may get to loose these files results".
He guessed Jubouri "the possibility that the reform process is exposed to shocks but we find there is a will and a serious desire to achieve reforms."
The Supreme Judicial Council unanimously rejected at a special meeting held today to discuss the development of the judicial process request boss Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud transmits it to retire because "the public interest and justice at this stage require to stay in his duties as President of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Supreme Federal Court."
The supreme religious authority, stressed last Friday, on the need to reform the judicial system as an essential step to achieve the reforms recently announced by the government.
The representative of reference, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai "The reform process of the most important requirements of the reform of the judiciary as an important pillar for the completion of the reform packages and can not be real reform without it."
He added that "corruption and rampant even in the judiciary, but there are certainly quite a few of the honorable judges who have their hands no contamination of bribery does not take them in the right for anybody as long as it must be to rely on them in the reform of the judiciary to be based foundation to repair the rest of the state institutions."
He called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of the judiciary following the call reference reform of the judiciary to carry out a series of drastic measures to confirm the prestige of the judiciary and its independence and enable it to fight against corruption and reinforcing the principle of justice between the citizens. "
The demonstrators demanded on Friday the need to change the head of the Supreme Judicial Council [Medhat al-Mahmoud], accusing him of "corruption" .anthy