Iraq's ambassador to Tehran: Iran's negotiations with the joint investment of the oil field


Uncover Iraq's ambassador in Tehran Rajah al-Moussawi, a tendency for bilateral investment with Iran in the Azadegan oil field joint between the two countries.
Ambassador al-Musawi said in a statement during his visit Fars news agency on Tuesday, about the process of southwest Iran joint development of the field, that there are negotiations between the sectors of the Iraqi oil officials and Iran in this regard. He said he decided to take a common step in the oil field and joint investments will be employed in this project. Al-Moussawi noted that "negotiations are still under way and come out of good news soon. Quoted by Japanese media for Iranian oil sources confirmed the return of Japanese companies for the development of Azadegan oil field, following the recent visit of the economic delegation Tokyo to Tehran. The Azadegan oil field, one of the largest discovered fields in Iran during recent decades and count on it to raise the level of production in the country, where they had concluded the company "INPEX" Japanese contract to develop the field in 2003 after negotiations lasted for six years, but it is for several reasons, including related the contract, not the development of the project and withdrew from it in 2010.anthy