Abadi reassure oil companies: to Atkhcoa any threat
Dr. Osama Mehdi -


Abadi assured of the city of Basra, where oil companies operating from any threat targeted by stressing issued orders to protect the oil fields and the companies operating them after popular demonstrations near the headquarters there .. The legal expert said that the fall of the figures, however, accused the organization of the Islamic state "Daash" 2014 may Mosul face the death penalty.

London: Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said the Iraqi government does not spare no effort to protect the wealth of the Iraqi people and of the oil upon which the Iraqis and the well-being of their responsibilities to protect oil installations and workers of Iraqis and foreign companies specialized.
He said during his visit to the West Qurna 2 field in the southern province of Basra Tuesday and meeting with managers in the Lukoil oil company that there is importance to the continued increase in production to match the population growth and the need for services, pointing out that oil is the wealth of the Iraqi people should be protected this wealth "and would not allow any shortening in this area and controlled the situation and the companies that are not afraid of any threat, because we have issued orders to protect the oil fields and companies operating in it. "

Abadi stressed that the Council of Ministers is any obstruction to oil companies and unacceptable attack on the wealth of the people .. stressing said "we will not allow it at all," as quoted by his press office said in a statement seen the text Elaph.

He pointed out that Iraq has great opportunities for investment and more countries that possess fields have not invested, but some stand deduced from the development of Iraq and putting obstacles in front of him, "but we will not allow these and we will use all of our possibilities to stop them and the continuation of oil production." Then the Iraqi prime minister toured the oil fields to see the reality and functioning of the.

Abadi come and reassure these oil companies at a time when the province of Basra is witnessing protests since the days close to the oil fields to demand jobs, punctuated by clashes led to the deaths of protesters, sparking fears oil companies.
The Council of Ministers rejected at today's meeting overtaking on the "sanctity of property and oil production sites" .. considering overtaking the "violation of the law affecting the life and interests of the citizens and the country and finance the war effort to counter terrorism," Daash ".

Council reviewed a detailed report about his Mataatard some production sites or services and in particular the oil sites in Basra and other provinces to threaten the security and disrupt the extraction, transportation and distribution of activities.

In the past few days, several areas in Basra has seen protests in the vicinity of the oil fields to demand jobs, punctuated by clashes led to the deaths of protesters, which has raised fears oil companies.

The protesters stormed the headquarters of the local council Sunday to spend the FAO came out to protest the death of a demonstrator Alcet young man and wounding another near the port of Faw project site and another protester was killed in Basra ten days ago. He said Mayor FAO Walid Sharifi said in a statement that dozens of children of the judiciary took part in a protest demonstration angry reaction to the killing of demonstrator young man and wounding another, adding that "some of the demonstrators broke into the headquarters of the local Council of the Magistracy has considered costly security force to protect Headquarters retreat to other sites in order to avoid It clashes with the demonstrators. "
Dozens of young people from the sons of Faw coastal overlooking the Gulf came out in a peaceful demonstration near the headquarters of the company (Daewoo) South Korean port of Faw within the project site to claim their employment in the company, which holds the establishment breaker (barrier) waves to contract with the Ministry of Transport.