Integrity Commission reveal great corruption in the Ministry of Trade

20:15 08/18/2015
Acting Chairman of the Integrity Commission Hassan al-Yassiri, Tuesday, revealed a number of open files related to corruption suspicions concerning the work of the Ministry of Commerce, and warned against tampering with Bakot citizen, he confirmed that the body will reach the corrupt, whatever its location.
Yasiri said in a statement issued after the visit conducted by the headquarters of the Ministry of Commerce, he said that "the Authority will reach the corrupt, whatever its location, and it will not flinch in the fight against manipulators Bakot people, will not stand by and watch in front of the abuse on public money," noting that "we will not abandon employee who defends public money, no matter how senior taller opponent corrupt. "
Yasiri pointed to "open a set of files that relate to suspicions of corruption concerning the work of the ministry," noting that "many reports and complaints that reached the body was related to suspicions of corruption accompanied the work of the trade, which invited us to visit the ministry's headquarters, to stand a close eye on the fact that this communications and access to contracts, as well as on the quality of materials provided to citizens through the ration card. "
Yasiri warned of "manipulation Bakot the ordinary citizen because the Authority will not hesitate in accounting defaulting no matter how senior or promoted his stature."
The Integrity Commission announced that, in (12 August 2015), the formation of field teams to investigate and check the files that marred by corruption in the ministries of electricity, trade and the secretariat of Baghdad.