Legal representative: nepotism prevented accept the resignation of Mahmoud

Since 18.08.2015 at 11:04 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
Stressed the Legal Committee member Salim Chawki, Tuesday, that it was better for the Supreme Judicial Council to accept the resignation of its President Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud to meet the demands of the protesters, pointing out that nepotism prevented accept the resignation.

He said Shawki's / scales News / "The judiciary is Off since 2003 and limit this moment there are no laws regulating the work except the laws of Bremer and was one of the last laws that the head of the judiciary is to be the head of the Supreme Council and head of the judiciary and there are no laws regulating the impeachment and resignation process and accounting, "noting that" the resignation of Medhat al-Mahmoud rejected Judicial Council for the existence of some kind of favoritism. "

"The judiciary has not yet submitted a paper reform reliable except package of legislation is said to have arrived at the Council of Ministers will be sent to the House of Representatives," explaining that "any issue regarding Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud, or the Supreme Judicial Council or the General Prosecution Service or the Federal Court or judicial supervision must be preceded by legislation and the legislation must report to the House of Representatives. "

He said Shawki that "al-Mahmoud hinted when Bremer was in Iraq, there was a request for transmission to retirement but the Federal Court by the Bremer challenged about it and returned to his post," stressing that "the lack of legislation, which is for the resignation of Mahmoud."

He added that "it was supposed to accept the resignation of Mahmoud judge in response to the demands of the demonstrators," noting that "does not mention politicians to any corruption against Medhat al-Mahmoud file until this moment only in the previous period there was politicized to eliminate and clear intervention of the government in the work of the judiciary."

The Federal Judicial Authority announced on Monday, the refusal of the Supreme Judicial Council members unanimously asked President Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud transmits it to retire. ended 29/4 e