Abadi, explaining the reasons for the second package emphasizes: Do not retreat from the more reforms

Tuesday 18-08-2015 | 2:31:35

Twilight News / confirmed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Tuesday that his government continues to implement reforms to eliminate financial and administrative corruption and to improve the living conditions and the reality of services in the country.

Ebadi said in a speech, during the regular session of the Council of Ministers today, the first government after reducing the number of its members and in the presence of all the ministers of the 22, that "in the past procedures and packages reformist nor irreversible."

He warned those he called privileges and corrupt owners who are trying to obstruct the reform process by mixing the papers and popular symbols claims about its real purpose.

He said al-Abadi that the actions taken to reduce the number of ministries and merge to each other and the abolition of positions, is to reduce the slack in the state facilities and make it more effective, adding that it is not directed against a particular block or for specific people, it does not mean that the office canceled the owners are accused of corruption.