MPs' salaries for the month of August distribution will be a reduction of 45% in accordance with the reforms

Baghdad scales News - It announced the Information Service of the House of Representatives, Tuesday, council members' salaries for the month of August of this distribution will be a reduction of 45% according to government reforms passed by parliament last week.

According to a statement received / scales News / copy of it, "We would like to inform all media that the salaries of deputies that will be spent on 28 of this month has been reduced by 45% of salary, according to the Department of Finance in the Iraqi Council of Representatives."

The statement stressed that "the Iraqi Council of Representatives and his staff and supporters strongly supportive of government and parliamentary reforms recently approved by the Board and all subsequent actions."

And denied the information department of the parliament, "What throughput of some local media about the sit-in the House of Representatives staff in protest at pay cuts," asserting that what was published does not represent the true picture in all its aspects and that the sit-in, which took place in the Council building on Monday was a very limited number of House of Representatives staff It does not constitute 1% of the number of employees as all employees starting from the Secretary General of the Council of Representatives and special grades of employees in the Council and staff salaries have been reduced by 40-30% of salary. "

The statement called on "the media to be accurate and credibility in the news."

The "Council of Ministers approved a reduction in senior positions salaries of the three presidencies and be the prime minister and his deputies by 50%, the amount of remuneration of the President and the Chairman of the House of Representatives by salary and allowances of the Prime Minister, and be the salary and allowances of the Vice President and the Vice President of the House of Representatives by the salary and allowances Deputy Prime Minister ".

"The cabinet also decided to reduce the allocation of staff in all functional addresses in the three presidencies, bodies and departments associated by 30%." Ended 29 / d 25