US embassy denies the presence of US troops near Mosul

(Independent) .. denied the US embassy in Baghdad, what was published on the presence of US troops near Mosul.

The statement said the US embassy received (Independent) today, "deliberated some agencies and media sites Allaketronah media reports false and baseless conclusion that there are US troops landed on the outskirts of Mosul."

She noted that US military personnel are in Iraq to carry out missions "training, advising and assisting Iraqi forces only," This is done in coordination and full cooperation with the Iraqi government.

The embassy confirmed that US forces in Iraq does not participate in any ground combat operations, and reports any violation of this statement is considered false and baseless.

The agency has quoted the Russian Sputnik yesterday for local journalists that US forces carried out landing near Mosul in preparation for participation in the attack on the city to release it from organizing Daash