Conference (Edit Anbar) held in Baghdad tomorrow with the participation of Arab and international

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08/18/2015 14:39
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Long-Presse / Anbar
Announced the governor of Anbar province Suhaib al-Rawi, on Tuesday, that the liberation of Anbar conference will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, in the capital Baghdad with the participation of Arab and international, as he emphasized that the conference will discuss security and humanitarian aspects necessary to cleanse the cities of the province and steps.
Said Suhaib al-Rawi said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The liberation of Anbar Conference will be held on Wednesday in Baghdad, Arab and international participation and the presence of all political parties and figures from government and under the auspices of Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri," noting that "the conference will discuss security and humanitarian aspects and the necessary steps to speed up the process cleanse the cities of al-Anbar (Daash) terrorist. "
He said the narrator, "The conference will discuss ways of obtaining the possible support to maintain the achievements made during the purge different parts of Anbar with the perpetuation of the momentum of the battle to defeat the elements (Daash) and protect the security of innocent civilians."
The Anbar province has seen heavy fighting and control organization Daash to most cities of the province, including Ramadi and Fallujah and western regions and the loss of hundreds of dead and wounded among the military and police and civilians during confrontations.