Justice confirms its efforts to sign to retrieve criminals in neighboring countries Agreement 08/17/2015 15:05 GMT

- Justice Minister Haider Zamili, said the ministry is seeking to sign an agreement to combat terrorism with neighboring countries in order to recover all the criminals on their territory.
A statement by the Ministry of Justice announced today that "the Minister of Justice Haider Zamili met with an Iranian delegation high-level chaired by the representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Ahmadi, and representatives of the Iranian embassy in Iraq and Director of the General Authority for Human Rights, his deputy and adviser in the body, and said the cooperation between the Iraqi and Iranian governments contributed to the support War waged by the security forces and the popular mobilization against terrorism.

He noted that the government continues to strengthen the foundations of human rights and preservation although it's locked in a fierce war against terrorism, which requires beating firmly in order to achieve security and retribution for the rights of the innocent from terrorist groups, confirming the presence of the efforts to amend domestic laws to the provinces, which has outlets border with the Republic of Iran to coordinate the entry of visitors in religious events and visits times in order to reduce the phenomenon exceeded the border illegally. He said the government ended the bulk of a prisoner exchange with the Iranian government rapidly agreement was on the track to provide Iraqi prisoners who are in Iranian prisons, human rights conditions, has remained a few of them will be transferred to the country during the next few days, alluding to the adoption of human rights conditions in a prisoner exchange with the Iranian government process, particularly given a choice between the guest to convey to his country or that his sentence is the period of reform in the Iraqi prisons department.

He explained Zamili that the pledges made by the Iranian side in the field of cooperation and exchange of expertise in the legal and judicial fields will contribute to increase the expertise of the cadres of the ministry, and inform them of the Iranian experience, which will increase from experts experience in the field of law and the judiciary in the methods of dealing with the various jurisdiction issues.

In turn, the transfer representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Ahmadi official invitation by the Iranian Minister of Justice to visit the Islamic Republic of Iran at the earliest opportunity, in order to strengthen the legal and human relations at various levels, noting that the cooperation and rapprochement between the two peoples and the exchange continued to the holy shrines in both countries religious Visits boosted bonds of rapprochement between the Iraqi and Iranian governments.