Parliament retract broadcast its public display in the fall of Mosul report

House of Representatives openly in his decision to drop its offer today and for displaying the parliamentary committee report in the investigation of the fall of Mosul and voting on it. The Council did not explain the reasons for it.
The House voted today on the report of the Committee without reading and referred to the judiciary. The President of the Council, Salim al said during a meeting yesterday the President and members of the Committee and receiving the final report of them that "the House of Representatives report will be presented at the next meeting and openly to inform the Iraqi people on the truth of what happened from the events caused the fall of Nineveh province, however Daash terror and the subsequent security collapses gangs in a number of governorates of Iraq, and then send it to the public prosecutor to take the legal course. " The report includes counts of dereliction of a large number of officials and military commanders, most notably former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the governor of Nineveh Ethel Nujaifi article and army chief of staff shops for retirement Babacar Zebari and other senior leaders in Aljeic.anthy