Iraqi and country Alathadan sign a cooperation agreement between the two

Signed Alathadan Iraqi and Qatar Football Association, on Monday, their cooperation in the Qatari capital Doha agreement. And it was signed by the Iraqi side head Football Association Abdul Khaliq Massoud and the country side Saud Al Mohannadi, vice president of the Football Association, during a press conference, in the presence of Ali Jabbar, deputy head of the Iraqi Football Association, and the entire Zughayyar Ao Board of Directors and Mansoor Ansari, Secretary-General of the Federation of Qatari ball, and included agreement all areas Cooperation between the two parties which back the public benefit of the two countries on the ball. According to a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it.

Abdul Khaliq Massoud said that "the agreement between the permanent two unions at all levels and that a unified positions on the Asian and international levels," noting that "the Union of Qatar supports the Iraqi football by hosting camps and matches as well as the rulers camps, and that this is not a stranger to Qatar."
He said Abdul Khaliq Masoud they "fully support the right of Qatar in organizing the 2022 World Cup, and that the strong position because Qatar deserve this organization, and thanked the Qatar government and people for their attitudes towards Iraq always good."

On the non-participation of the Iraqi Olympic Team West Asia Championship, Abdul Khaliq Massoud said he "can not organize Qatar championship nor participate in, but they have conditions compelling necessitated their withdrawal, including the continuity of the Iraqi league difficult economic circumstance that Iraq is going through," hoping "for all to reconcile in that ".
And around the Gulf and 23 wholeconversion possibility of re-schedule the tournament in the first through December of this year after a decision postponed for next year, between Massoud that "the Standing Committee of Secretaries wrote a report confirming that Kuwait is ready to host the tournament on time."

For his part, welcomed the Vice-President of the Football Federation of Qatar Saud Al Mohannadi "the head of the Iraqi Union in Doha," asserting that "cooperation between the two unions has existed for a long time and that the strong ties between the two unions and that the coordination between them permanent at all levels, but the agreements came to regulate aspects of cooperation in various sports fields. "
Said Saud Al Mohannadi that "standing with the Iraqi Union required the strong relationship between the two parties and the need for the development of Iraqi football that the results show the ball in all the region and wished that the agreement contributes to strengthening the existing now and the cooperation of all up to the stage where Iraqi Ball significantly benefit".

Saud Al Mohannadi said that "the existing cooperation in all areas, but they are looking forward to greater access to the Iraqi side of the country as well as the possibilities of existing facilities such as sports medicine hospital sbitar] we also take advantage of the Iraqi soccer, which has a significant presence in Asia, history

On Iraq's withdrawal from the West Asian Championship Olympic teams organized by Qatar said Saud Al Mohannadi that "the absence of Iraqi teams in a tournament makes them upset, but the Iraqi side has a point of view that must be respected, and we in Qatar organizers and we hope the presence of all the teams in the region because they are seen as a strong preparation Eligible to Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games qualifiers. " End