The formation of a parliamentary committee to follow up the mini anti-money laundering measures

BAGHDAD / JD / .. the Parliamentary Finance Committee, announced the formation of a parliamentary committee mini to follow anti-money laundering measures, as indicated it referred the corruption of several files to the judiciary to conduct the necessary investigations. A member of the committee MP Haitham al-Jubouri told / JD /: "The Commission Parliamentary Finance met in recent days to discuss the government's parliamentary reform package and discuss the issue fought against financial corruption in the state. " He added that his committee approved the formation of a parliamentary committee mini composed of Chairman of the Finance Committee Ahmad Chalabi and Vice Chairman of the Committee Ahmed electrodes and the Commission's decision Sarhan capable and MP Jabbar Abdul Khaliq, to follow the central bank anti-money laundering measures, "stressing," it was the assignment of many private financial corruption files to the public prosecutor for transmission to the judiciary in order to conduct the necessary investigations "./ ended / 8 /