Finance Committee: reducing Iraqi ministries will impact positively on the Iraqi state treasury

According to a member of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament Masood Haider, on Monday, that the reduction of ministries will return to the state treasury big benefit Haider said, "The reduction of ministries and merge some of them with other ministries will impact positively on the financial situation of the country." He is pointing out that such reforms will reduce expenditures on Iraqi ministries generally. MP for the mass change that promised Prime Minister's decision to reduce Haider al-Abadi ministries positive thing. He noted that "there are about 582 general manager in all Iraqi ministries means state spending enormous sums on expenses." And he decided to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Sunday, reducing the number of Iraqi ministries and the integration of some of them within other ministries. %25D8%25A9/58586.html