Labour issued a smart card Aesideat survivors of Daash to give them a subsidy of social protection

It embarked on the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, issued a smart card to Alaesideat women survivors of the terrorist gangs Daash, after Hmohin subsidy of social protection. According to a statement of the Ministry, on Monday, the agency received all of Iraq [where], a copy of "The ministry procedures began to issue 228 a smart card to the women Alaesideat survivors of Daash terrorist gangs", adding that "women's circuit protection Asttnthn of all controls inclusiveness subsidy protection Because of the social conditions that they had experienced as a result of the operations carried out by criminal gangs terrorist Daash their right. "
He added that "continuing to issue smart card for all Alaesideat circle after the completion of the circle procedures", adding that "the ministry has implemented a variety of programs for Aesidein including those related to social inclusion them eligible subsidy." It pointed out that "the ministry has prepared a draft document to support displaced women and discuss the project with the United Nations Population Fund to hold a joint cooperation in this regard," noting that the document had been prepared by the vocational training department for the training of displaced women in the provinces of [Baghdad, and Najaf, the holy Karbala and Babylon]. "ended