Jubouri: the parties are moving toward legislation and the National Guard and the Federal Court Act

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, on Monday, members of the council refused to move towards the reform process padded carry with them the process of exclusion or marginalization, warning of "take paper reforms and a way to process the political playoffs or administrative." Jubouri said in a press conference inside the parliament building "It was the preparation of those who had been questioned about the reasons for the fall of Mosul to 120 people," stressing "the assignment of all the names accused in this report with the merits and the facts to the public prosecutor and hold negligent." "We can say that this report is to put the building blocks Alasasaah to stage an important and revealed what happened to Iraq the moment of the fall of Nineveh and Matbaha of the fall of the Salah al-Din and other cities are important, in the sense that the history of the phase sensitive task of confronting the hardest terrorist attack called {Daash} It is caused by reaching Iraq's official titles and the qualities that they carry us out. "
He continued, saying "there is no ordered Xavi on the Iraqi people and their representatives, and all the members of the House of Representatives unanimously decided to refer those files to the authorities Almokhtshy even take their role in the investigation," he said, adding he was "here comes the role of the Judicial Council, and we will continue the task of the judiciary and the board of integrity, and we will continue to claim year, Snahr points if what happened delay in the hold all falling short, and therefore we can say that the House has never before any committee that played over the past sleepless hard, stand reasons that led to the disaster that knows all, including the investigation and the circumstances. "

He congratulated al-Jubouri Iraqi people, saying, "We congratulate the Iraqi people and the working class precisely labor legislation law, which has remained in the inclusion of the relevant committees over the past 6 years, and managed the House of Representatives today to be completed this important project and the law, which means an important and fundamental chip means a layer of workers, which guarantees Article 160 and over two consecutive days the House of Representatives was able to finish the legislation ", adding that" We still have a project parties and passports Travel Law will move towards legislation. "

He stressed that "the keenness of the House of Representatives to complete Mauad by the Iraqi people, whether the completion of the parliamentary paper or government paper control; but we noticed that some stages of reform, especially those issued by the provinces or departments officials or certain parties under the reform address, moving towards the process of settling accounts," warning of "take paper reforms and a way to process the political playoffs or administrative", saying that "all what we want is an accounting negligent and corrupt and who enriched the public money, either of these operations entitled reform is rejected by the House of Representatives, to Anaadh, do not go towards the reform process padded carry with them Hamlah exclusion or marginalization. "

He pointed out that "we are moving toward legislation parties and the National Guard and the Federal Court Act, one of the basic legislation in this regard."