Association of Accountants calls for activating the Federal Service Law and the role of the judiciary

17/08/2015 20:09
Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: called the Association of Accountants and Auditors, on Monday, Prime Minister activating the role of the Federal Public Service Board Act and the role of the judiciary, saying it strongly stands with reforms of Prime Minister.

The captain of accountants and auditors tributary slaves pendulum in a statement received "tomorrow Press", a copy of which "no doubt can confirm that the accounting is serious in its ability to ensure the success of corruption and is only able to detect also corruption, and was in the science of accounting and its branches so-called profession (Control and Audit), a field which monitors the financial and administrative operations and represents the rights of private entrepreneurs or the rights of the state and the people in the government sector. "

"The accounting and auditing profession and legitimate representative in Iraq (the Association of Accountants and Auditors) and since its inception were not isolated from the political and economic events and social developments, a union that supply the economic sphere in the public and private sector financial experts, accountants and auditors Managers who work very hard and the Secretariat in order to maintain on the project property from loss, theft, and in any project can dispense with any person or employee but does not must be a part of the accounting and auditing is the backbone of the project and spine. "

He called Nawras Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to "activate the role of the Federal Public Service Board Act substitute for style formation of committees that failed in the previous processors, also called for the activation of the role of the judiciary and the implementation of the rulings of the provisions to maintain the prestige and standing of the state and to punish those who break the law."

He said, "for us in this partial traumatic experience, judiciary rule in many issues and sentenced deterministic after discrimination has not implemented these provisions, what the value of the judiciary if it did not implement its provisions rightly convicted, therefore call on the Prime Minister to intervene to implement all the provisions of the law, regardless of status The position covered by these provisions. "

He stressed electrodes that "the Commission is not aimed at personal or specific destination, but its goal is to keep the public money and the stability of the market and the dimensions of spoilers from the Department of finance and economy because it caused big losses to Iraq over the past years."

"The union is involved concerns of the Iraqi people and their suffering and stands strongly with the demonstrators to achieve the legitimate Their demands in improving services and living standards and the elimination of corruption and fight it and expose the corrupt and hold them accountable and recover stolen money people."

He continued that "the union stresses the need to proceed with the other packages reform that would lift the country from the state of collapse and not a revolution against corruption and the corrupt and swift action is guaranteed application to reduce the gap between the salaries of officials in all functional positions and the rest of the segments of society by identifying the minimum and maximum salaries, also end the farce protections and enormous cars and groomed as well as the privileges and allowances superstitious, and an end to suspicious transactions in the field of contracting and tenders and deputations and tours of petroleum licenses and fictitious companies.