Is al-Maliki tried militarily in the fall of Mosul?

Monday 17-08-2015 | 7:34:41

Twilight News / interact issue of the fall of the city of Mosul, however Daash organization after the issuance of the parliamentary investigation committee report, which blamed the failure for 35 political and military figure, led by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki as a commander of the armed forces.

Legal does not rule out that al-Maliki, standing in front of a military tribunal, after the Iraqi parliament demanding the fall of Mosul refer the file to the civil and military justice.

A judicial expert Ali al-Tamimi said that "the Commission recommendations issued against 35 political and military figure, so required the formation of the first two courts military specializes order commander of the armed forces, in accordance with Article 28 of the Penal Code civilian and the second by the Judicial Council in accordance with Article IV of the Military Penal Code" noting that "the articles emphasize the need for the execution of those convicted."

He added that "Article 14 of the Constitution affirms that Iraqis are equal before the law, and the people Flounced today to try those accused of corruption and terrorism, as demanded by the religious authority to hold accountable corrupt, and a favorable opportunity to try these."

And that "the general commander of the armed forces to prevent the issuance of travel for all of the named the cause of the fall of Mosul and circulated to airports and border crossings orders."

Maliki responsibility

The commission of inquiry in the fall of Nineveh province and its city of Mosul, however, the organization Daash recommendations to the specialized agencies announced that the trial of all those involved and, most notably former commanding general of the Armed Forces Nuri al-Maliki.

The recommendations that al-Maliki did not have an accurate perception of the seriousness of the security situation in Nineveh, and he depends on in his assessment of misleading reports filed by the military and security leaders, without validating and often through telephone calls directly without going through a series of leaders references.

According to the recommendations that al-Maliki has not taken a firm decision to reorganize the military units, which collapsed on June 10, 2014, and leave it to the leaders to take what they see fit, which is not true, as orders to punish the defeatists of the leaders did not issue, which led to the collapse of the pieces in the regions other.

The head of the Committee of quitting, "The report stressed that al-Maliki is behind the fall of Mosul for not knowing what is going on in the military units", noting that "the report is binding on all parties and is the fruit of a long effort of the investigations that led to arrive at the truth."

No convictions

A member of the commission of inquiry in the fall of Mosul, Mohammed Karbouli Quoting Jazeera that "all evidence points to the involvement of al-Maliki and standing behind security setback that led to the fall of Nineveh, and the final report shows that."

Karbouli and stressed that "the Commission's report differs from all the reports and that person imbalance Names After hosting more than 120 personal in seven months."

He added that "these accounting needs, including al-Maliki to form a special military court, and that the prime minister Haider al-Abadi began reforms package, and if he was serious formation of a committee of the finest judges to try these."

On his part, said a member of the Dawa Party and a representative of a coalition of state law, the investigation committee in the fall of Mosul, Amer al-Khuzai that "representatives of the State of Law coalition refused to vote on the recommendations because it is contrary to the reality and the political projection, so we decided to remove the file of the presidium of the parliament, and should not include the report in the work House of Representatives hearing because the Commission did not vote for him. "

He added that "many of the recommendations of the State of Law coalition did not include selective, and we asked to raise the report without a conviction was politically or militarily."