Karbala / NINA /--MP, Jawad Hasnawi for Ahrar parliamentary bloc within the Sadrist Trend denied rumors recently circulated about , agreement reached between Iraqiya Slate , Supreme Council of Iraq , Sadrist trend and the Kurdistan Alliance to form a political majority government concomitantly with a demand to withdraw confidence from P M, al-Maliki," emphasizing that "these reports are unfounded,

He said in a statement to NINA reporter today : "Such a government needs a consensus between political blocs that not reached so far to a unanimous decision because of differences in decision-making.

It's noteworthy to mention in this context that some of Iraqiya Slate's members, recently demanded the withdrawal of confidence from Maliki in case of failure of the National Conference called by President Talabani in solving the ongoing political crisis .

P M ,Maliki ,has hinted in a press conference held last month to the possibility of continuing in his post for a third term, as referring to claims by certain parties to withdraw confidence from him stressing that such a demands began six years ago, and will continue for other six years , without any real act," he said