Parliamentary Finance form a committee to follow up the money laundering in the central bank file

Author: Editor: ag reporter: ay

17/08/2015 18:20

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives revealed, Monday, that it had formed a committee to follow up the mini-money laundering at the CBI file.

He said committee member Ahmed electrodes for "tomorrow Press", "The Finance Committee is following the work of the central bank noted during the special work of government and private banks reports and also meetings with central bank officials that there is ambiguity in the provision of funds and resources operations," noting that his committee "formed a small committee to follow up on money laundering in the Central Bank of file. "

He added that "the existence of this huge amount of dinar to buy the dollar raises the suspicion and skepticism", pointing out that he "was reached some facts will be presented and will be presented to the competent authorities in the Iraqi government and the judiciary."