Bin Laden discovered records coincidence revealed secrets dating back to 1980

Follow-Iraq Press August -17 / August: cameraman working for CNN found that the US in Afghanistan, accidentally 1,500 cassette tape form a huge audio library of al Qaeda revealed found a new and exciting about the founder of the organization of Osama bin Laden secrets.

It is known that after the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, was forced bin Laden to escape from Kandahar, where he lived since 1997, was released a lot of sites, including the Al-Qaeda against the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Taliban government, was meeting senior leaders of the organization.

After the evacuation of the Taliban chaos of the city, and began looting the headquarters of the State of the Taliban and al-Qaeda, including the location of the base seized by the simple family inside and found more than 1,500 cassette tape.

According to a report published by the BBC on Monday, the family retained those audio tapes that began some selling songs stores spread in the city, after it was banned under the Taliban, family soberly sell the tapes to one of these stores, began shopkeeper scans the contents of the tapes to record Songs (famous pop) then place.

However, the accident led the photographer station (CNN), which track the contents of the stolen Headquarters, to these tapes in a timely and persuaded the dealer to return them because they may contain important information, and already show that these tapes are audio library of al Qaeda.

And it ended up in this library in Media Project Afghan at Williams College in the state of Masatchutis of America, which in turn entrusted to (FLAG Miller) expert civilization and Arabic literature at the University of California, to analyze the speeches and dialogues and songs recorded on those tapes, which is the only person who was briefed on the contents of these tapes .

Miller says: "It is a shocking day when received two boxes of tapes covered in dust, I could not sleep for three consecutive days, trying to find a way to understand the contents of this huge number of tapes."

Over more than a decade on-authored a book (Zahid bold), in which Miller reveals the contents of the base audio library, which lists the base story of the sixties until 2001. The voices of more than 200 people, including Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

The first record dates back to the voice of bin Laden in those tapes to 1980, when he was making speeches in Saudi Arabia and Yemen, and in 1987, where the record was a battle between Arab mujahideen and Soviet special forces.

The absence of anti-Western speeches about bin Laden

And the surprise of Miller in letters of bin Laden, is the lack of any mention of his hostility to America or the West in the recordings of that era, but all the focus was on the other Muslims in the Arab countries and Iran, who called them the name (infidels), Kalshaah and the Baathists and Nasserites.

Miller says that it was possible to base the use of such recordings for publicity and advocacy of the revolution and spread the concept of jihad in Muslim-majority countries, it has also been used previously Abdullah Azzam and other videos.

Miller pointed to one of the recordings that tell the dialogue with bin Laden who deals with gin, and claims to know the policy news, and the ability to detect political intrigues.

And heard in the registry voice bin Laden describes it superstitious, and in the last recording dates back to 1993 mention bin Laden to Mahatma Gandhi, who is described by the person inspiring, and that his group to follow his way of Britain resistance, and the District of goods, which is the same tape in which bin Laden issued his first statement right The United States and the need to take action right and boycott their products. He called on his supporters to America correspondent ambassadors and their call for more attention to the Middle East issues.

But until that time had not been invited to a military fight, but that all changed days of exile outside Sudan in 1996 after, and after pressure by the United States practiced on Saudi Arabia to be stripped of their nationality and the confiscation of his property in 1994 which injury despair and that he would return to his supporters in Afghanistan and the launch of the first hard-line remarks toward the United States from the mountains (Tora Bora)

Miller says for registration, it was not accurate it deletes from the last third of the speech, where it contains about 15 poem, and when you hear the whole speech understood, that the focus was on Saudi Arabia, not on America, but that the media at that time did not proclaim it over Hakagueth.anthy (1)