Abdul Khaliq: private banks shortened work buying and selling of currency without the provision of services

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Parliamentary Finance Committee member Jabbarabd Creator said that private banks shortened work buying and selling currency only, and did not provide any banking service to the citizen.

The specialized claims integrity in Baghdad earlier misdemeanor court, the presence of 13 banks to issue civil charges related to money laundering, pointing to the 20 defendants in these cases, some degree of chairman.

He said Abdul Khaliq's (IMN) that "on the central bank to pursue private banks work, and watching the commitment of those banks with laws and conditions in force in banking administration, as those of private banks did not provide their services so far, and summed up its work to sell and sail hard currency only."

The Commission asked for the economy and investment representative, in the past month, the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to send legal central bank and government banks for the purpose of the draft amended and ratified them by the House of Representatives.

Abdul-Khaliq said that "the owners of private banks across the country, providing banking services to the citizen, because these services are in support of the citizens and the economy of the country."

The Council of Ministers approved last month, a draft anti-money laundering and terrorism financing law, submitted by the Central Bank of Iraq, said the economic advisor to the prime minister appearance of Mohammed Saleh that there is a law in force approved by the Coalition Provisional Authority in the era of the civil governor Paul Bremer, but he lacks developments Finance, the world has seen in the field of anti-money laundering crimes, This project will contribute to monitor the work of private banks and their dealings with the implementing investment projects to companies of the country.