Zamili: 120 pages of the fall of Mosul .. and the leaders of richer than Abadi Security

Twilight News / detection of quitting Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry charged with investigating the cause of the fall of the city of Mosul, however, the organization "Daash" that the Commission has achieved with more than 100 personal for 6 months led to charges against 35 people.

He said Zamili in a statement to the station East satellite Iraqi The work of the investigative parliamentary lasted for more than 6 months were investigated with more than 100 figure was the number of hours of investigative more than 170 hours of investigative and collected files, documents and data from many of the characters were developed in the report by more than 120 Page included all the contents of the investigation and handed over to Parliament.

"We have been preparing the final report has unanimously and altercations and nerves tense between the members of the Committee as they belong to different blocks and the problem of Sunnis, Shiites and Christians and Yezidis and Kurds and expect that Parliament will hold a session to view the report in a public hearing to inform the Iraqi people of causing the fall of Mosul.

He added that the Iraqi judiciary in Mosul was involved with terrorism and one of the judges in the city was a prisoner in Boca prison and was appointed a judge of the trial of terrorists, resulting in the output of the terrorists in exchange for money.

He explained that some of the Iraqi security leaders opted for interest expense on the security of citizens in Mosul, and they have now material possibilities are even greater than what is owned by the prime minister or dealers or contractors in Iraq.