National Alliance: We support the Ministerial limbering and call for the completion of the rest of the reforms

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - the National Alliance MP Ali Keywords said that the ministerial decision limbering announced by the Prime Minister is a solid step in tackling corruption, noting that the Abadi complete the rest of the reforms.

Abadi and decided, on Sunday, members of the government to reduce to 22 instead of 33, to cancel 4 Ministries and the integration of eight other ministries along with the elimination of the three positions of his deputies.

He's Keywords (IMN) said that "the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives and all the political blocs to support the decisions of the Prime Minister on reforms that build implementation service for the common good package."

He pointed out that "al-Abadi should speed up the completion of the rest of the steps contained in
the paper reform".

The resolution Cancel the ministries of human rights, and the State for Women's Affairs, and the State for Provincial Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs, and the Ministry of State, and the integration of the Ministries of Science and Technology, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the Environment, Ministry of Health, and the municipalities of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, and Tourism and Antiquities Ministry of Culture