Abdul-Mahdi reveals the value of the budgets of Iraq in 12 years: $ 850 billion!

Since 16/08/2015 16:34 pm (Baghdad time)

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Detection and Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, Sunday, that the budgets of Iraq since 2003 until now reached $ 850 billion, estimated that $ 25.5 billion of which went corrupt pockets of state officials, while talked about the waste of hundreds of billions other in the operating budgets of non-productive investment projects It did not come to fruition.

Mahdi said in a statement that "the total budgets of Iraq amounted to almost $ 850 billion, since 2003 to the present day, without mentioning other resources," pointing to "the need to consider the corruption that Tstbtunh these figures across the three levels", stressing at the same time that the figures and ratios all are real but approximate and discretionary. "

He said the "personal corruption consumes 3% of the sum of these figures .. In other words, the exploitation of the site to achieve the benefits, that the estimates are correct, drained $ 25.5 billion."

Abdul-Mahdi said that "this means that huge amounts steals in ways that fraud and the Grand haraam wealth of at least $ 2 billion a year .. This is a great catastrophe must be addressed and reduce them to get to stop him."

He said that under the "International Survey Organization" and "Transparency International", Iraq rank sixth or seventh degree before the last 16 of 100 countries.

He continued by saying that the second section is "the corruption of the system .. and here absorbed with the issue of two things .. The first is sagging state and turn it into a state social welfare (weak care devoted laziness and dependency), but not the State General Services depreciated over its operating budget -oumazationa salaries, wages and allowances and retirement policies Dam-. For more wealth, as opposed to little production and services. "

He added that "the corruption of the system consumed at least half of the amounts budgets successive, or about $ 425 billion, does not represent the work product of which more than 6% a little, calculated on the basis of the statistics indicate, that the work product in the country does not exceed 20 minutes today. There is no waste for nearly 94% of the budgets .. and this represents more than $ 400 billion. "

He continued by saying, "and second, misuse of funds and planning. It has accumulated today in the Ministry of Planning about 9000 project disabled values ​​close to $ 300 billion, and the rates of implementation in which 5-90% not completed on time, mostly late years, which caused and cause loss, freezing and corrosion and lack of access of huge sums of money, lost or hung between courts and banks exchanged between government departments and companies, contractors and suits. "

He pointed out that Abdul-Mahdi, "It's the third crash, which bureaucracy and archaic work rules and state decisions and procedures improvised, social, political, economic and prevailing behaviors that you book through the starting and development."

He said the "budgets totaling about $ 850 billion, over 12 years, not to mention money national and foreign investments heads, will mean, if you do not trap and impedes its launch, many factors, including the culture and procedures militant, say mean if injected to markets and work sites and production trillions of dollars of values added and generated and driving and doubling the new successive cycles, which would repair any society no matter how backward or late. Note that the Marshall Plan for the reconstruction of Europe after World War II has reached $ 15 billion for the years 1947 to 1951, and this amount is equivalent to the present value of $ 148 billion, ie Almost budget for Iraq (non-approved) for 2014 only ".anthy 29 / d 25