Hand / secret / pave the way for a coup against Maliki: Abadi and cheaper to head the Secretariat of the Dawa Party

Since 16/08/2015 15:22 pm (Baghdad time)

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He learned from a source in the Islamic Dawa Party, Sunday, having a hand in the party is heading for a coup against the Secretary General of the Party Nuri al-Maliki and pave the way for Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, or Party historian and dean of preachers Hassan inch for the leadership of the Islamic Dawa Party.

The source, who holds a senior position in the party's / scales News / that "the party's general conference scheduled for the coming months will be the objective of restructuring the party and choose a new secretary of the advocates of" revealing the existence of a "secret" agreement to elect Abadi or an inch of the General Secretariat of the Party and the formation of the Office political and Shura Council is a new escalation in which a number of supporters of the current prime minister. "

The source revealed that the condition of anonymity that "supporters of Ebadi advocates starting paving the internal ground to exclude al-Maliki from the post of secretary-general," stressing that "al-Maliki dominated the satellite channel prospects and refuses to be belonging to the Islamic Dawa Party, while the party leaders want to adopt a policy instead of First Deputy President of the Republic policy. "

This revealed a senior political source said, "Fakih Islamic Dawa Party, Sheikh Abdul-Halim al-Zuhairi split from the Secretary General of the Party and First Vice-President Nuri al-Maliki team and joined the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi team."

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity for / scales News / "The Sheikh Zuhairi decided after a dispute with al-Maliki to join the team member of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Dawa Party and the current prime minister Haider al-Abadi."

The source explained that "Zuhairi refused to participate emergency conference to lead the Islamic Dawa Party / Maliki wing to separate the number of party cadres" prominent "who were accused of being" traitors "al-Maliki at the formation of the current government / he said /". Ended 29 / d 25