A source close to al-Abadi: new reforms will be implemented soon and whales corruption is seeking to block it

BAGHDAD / Nina: Revealed a source close to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said the second package of reforms that the Prime Minister wants to implement will be launched very soon. The source said: he is currently preparing for this package, and that will not be the last as the reforms will continue in order to walk a real state institutions and the fight against deep-rooted corruption in state institutions.

The source added that "there are many steps to be taken and everyone knows that by walking these reforms will not be paved with flowers because there are whales to corruption will be harmed and the interests of others will strike and they are trying with all their might to block reforms, but that the prime minister has all the momentum after the mandate of the people and the reference to march forward with reforms and that was tough.

He noted that "some people want to shuffle papers and return us to the pre-reform and religious authority said in her speeches, it makes sense to give some time for officials to walk reforms without pushing the country's chaos." The Baghdad and several provinces and cities in the whole of Iraq has seen a major mass demonstrations demanding the prime minister Haider al-Abadi further reform measures.

: all of Iraq - Source: newspaper Al-Zawraa