The commission of inquiry in the fall of Mosul finish its work today to vote on the condemnation of those involved

A sharp disagreement between the members of the committee on names and reasons for the charge

Zora / Yousef Salman: Amid the outbreak of severe conflict between the members of the commission of inquiry in the fall of Mosul on the vote on the condemnation of the accused officials of involvement the incident, head of the parliamentary committee in charge announced an investigation into the fall of Mosul file of quitting, that Sunday will be the last day to end the work of the investigation and the completion of all of its formal statement of its findings. According to deputies told "Zora" the sharp disagreement between the members of the commission of inquiry in the fall of Mosul on the vote on the names mentioned in the findings of the final report before it is delivered to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives.

They said "the final report is still with the commission of inquiry that voted to condemn the leaders involved in the fall of Mosul, and to hold them responsible for the security breakdown that followed the entry into the city Daash gangs middle of last year at the time." But the head of the commission of inquiry parliamentary governor Zamili said in an interview with reporters: "The Commission of Inquiry met in the presence of 24 deputies from its members and the absence of two deputies, and the report was completed once and for all and include a full summary of the course of events related to the fall of Mosul, also briefed the Committee's work, which lasted for a long time took more than 6 months. "

He Zamili that "everyone collaborator in order to reach the truth so now discussions going on since last week and to this day only on the recommendations relating to, for the fall of Mosul recommendations, The reasons It was agreed upon as well as the results and all the other facts." "The only remaining is that there are views respected, and can not be for us to condemn someone without evidence, documents and data and evidence and testimony Bahdtna". He continued by saying "Yes, we agreed, but we have only very minor differences and committee members continuing to work into the night on the recommendations relating to the accused, the dispute is the foundation and the reasons for naming the defendants accused of." He stressed that "Sunday will be voting on those results because we need to vote in the parliamentary committee and then the final report shall be transmitted to the Presidency of the Parliament and to the public prosecutor."

He pledged Zamili compel "all members of the Commission of Inquiry that Sunday is the last day to vote on the names of the defendants in the final report." Zamili and re-emphasized that "the Commission will set out the facts and reasons for the results and accused the perpetrators of the fall of Mosul." He noted that "the parliamentary committee is the fact-finding committee and either civilian and military courts are showing that, but we will raise the names of the defendants who we have the evidence to accuse them." Zamili said: "The fall of Mosul Commission report is very important, because the incident that led to the fall bloodshed and left millions displaced and displaced persons and the captivity of thousands of women Alayazdiat, and the occupation of land from the governorates of Iraq."

He added that "the Commission engaged in a struggle and mobility on its work, the presence of 26 deputies in this committee, and all of them belonged to the deputy Party different political view." And "We have put the names of the leaders and officials civilian and military defendants, all of these names will be subject to a vote, and it will become clear who support and sign the accused or not", and pointed out that "political and partisan pressures do not affect the work of the parliamentary committee". He explained that "there are political figures and leaders of high-level security, accusing the fall of the city of Mosul, and that the announcement of the names of those figures in its final form and flour will be in the House of Representatives during the presentation of the final report of the Commission of Inquiry."

He noted that "there are the names involved in the fall of Mosul, a file will be unveiled and accountability, as demand from members of the commission of inquiry submit names they believe were involved the fall of the city." And he said "we will mention the names involved and will not be afraid that we will give the facts supported the report to the House of Representatives."

: all of Iraq - Source: newspaper Al-Zawraa