Central banks with loans beneficiary Almisrh..walaguetsad parliamentary equipped: Interest 3%

Special scales News - He confirmed a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Najiba Najib, Saturday, that the central bank is equipped soft loans for agricultural, industrial, and commercial banks, which in turn will launch those loans interest rate of 3% up.

She said Najib's / scales News / "The central bank is equipped beneficiary banks loans which the industrial, agricultural, commercial and other interest rate of 1%," asserting that "these banks will launch loans to citizens in the coming days and an interest rate of up to 3% borne by the citizen."

She said the economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary "These loans are very soft and will help small and medium entrepreneurs in addition to the completion of their projects Mathtwe of unprecedented cash facilities."

This, "said Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, Saturday, that Iraq needs economic renaissance able to achieve the country's resources," while noting that "the launch of project loans will be in the coming days."

Keywords and said in his speech at the annual economic conference of the Iraqi Council of businesswomen that "Iraq before the financial crisis and should prevent a through real planning to achieve economic stability", calling for "reform of the base material successful and effective" .anthy / 29 / d 24 put