Mona Al-ghurabi: integrity Commission investigators have difficulty investigating the corrupt
15/08/2015 13:42

Parliamentary integrity Commission confirmed that the integrity Commission investigators have difficulty investigating corrupt State institutions, indicating that these corrupt resort to legal passages to evade the investigations, as well as receiving support from certain parties.

She said Committee member Mona Al-ghurabi press that "integrity Commission has many unresolved files by 2015 due to the difficulty faced by the Commission investigator with corrupt officials," adding that "most of the spoilers are resorting to legal paragraphs immunized themselves."

The parliamentary integrity Committee confirmed recently that Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi reforms need to unite their deputies, the Iraqi judiciary Council and the executive bodies of local governments.

Ghurabi noted that "some parties protect her decayed in governmental institutions, in the event of direct reforms by Abbadi can contribute to the eradication of corrupt and financial corruption in government departments.

And Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi last week, Vice Presidents and Ministers immediately, reducing the number of government ministries and abolish all special financial allocations for the three presidencies, bodies and ministries.