Maliki from Tehran: Enough with political compliments , what is happening in Iraq is caused by Saudi Arabia and Israel
Saturday, 15 August 2015 12:02

Shafaq News / The secretary general of the Islamic Dawa Party in Iraq, Nuri al-Maliki has attacked Saudi Arabia , blaming them and Israel of being responsible for what is happening in Iraq.

Maliki said at a conference of the Universal Assembly of Ahal al-Bayt in Tehran, " Iraq, which is the country of the followers of the Ahal al-Bayt suffering are from the worst forms and contents of sectarian , takfiri and terrorist invasion... but we tell you that Iraq since the fall of the terrorist sectarian former system is meant to be geo-strategic place for applying the draft ripping sectarian and destruction that was planned and implemented by arrogant Global and regional element using local Iraqi and non-Iraqi tools. "

He added that the scheme "represented by sectarianism and racism groups; in the forefront of sponsors of terrorism are: Saudi Arabia and its ideological base: ((Wahhabism)), and the Israeli entity and its doctrinal base: ((Zionist)). Here, I confirm on the need to assure name things as it is , without political courtesies; as long as we live atmosphere of searching for solutions to our crises. Otherwise; we will continue to discuss things outside realistic contexts. "

Maliki who is a former vice president of the Republic and was dismissed from his post, noted that "the challenge of sectarian Wahhabi invasion and Zionist racist invasion is not an external challenge; because it is not an invasion from abroad only; but an invasion from home and abroad; it employs local elements of various disciplines , professions and positions and nationalism and sectarian affiliations; to implement the goals of the invasion; at the forefront is our security community , cultural security and minds of our people , methods of our living , economic , political and scientific capabilities. In order to thwart this invasion; we should prepare for everything .

rcookie: He can't help himself! Another attack on Saudis! Cant wait to hear their response!!