Al-Maliki insult protestors and describing them as "venal and driven" campaign altskitih agendas!
Date: Saturday, 15-08-15 11:40 am

Cursing the former Prime Minister and Vice-President of the Republic article Nouri al-Maliki protesters who demonstrated since 3 weeks demanding accountable and prosecuted to vast destruction suffered by Iraq and its people.
This came during an exclusive interview with the Iraqi satellite channel, Iraqi media network of Government, last Thursday, where the Canal proceeded and managed a very serious step, devoted a full hour late last Thursday in an exclusive daift by Nouri al-Maliki.
And cursing Al-Maliki protesters as "venal and driven" campaign agendas and stands behind the will, their movement hostile to Islam, and strange that the presenter was shaking his head in favour of him.

Senior media and activists promised a challenge by the Iraqi media network and Iraqi satellite, for the Iraqi people and is preparing for million man demonstrations, as happened Friday, it committed the crime to defend the corruption and corrupt form cover them.
Media demanded Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, Iraqi media network to include campaign reform as a picture of the Iraqi media and works to cover up corruption and corrupt.