Fatlawi issued a clarification on "orders preventing them from traveling and transferring money to the UAE"

Friday 14-08-2015

Hanan Alvlawy- EM
Twilight News / denied head movement will Hanan al Friday an order preventing her from traveling outside the country and described the news talked about has transferred funds to a UAE banks as "silly lie."

She Fatlawi in a statement, "and some politicized Yellow Pages and sites belonging to one of the blocs days ago sustained campaign spin and miscarriage against me, it is once they say was issued against me to prevent travel, and once they say may not vote on the reforms, and again they say turned the money to the UAE."

She added, "I announced my position on the reforms and I said I would be the first voting, and actually I was the first voting, and recording of the meeting and attendance lists, official absences explained that," indicating that "There is no truth to what has been published of the issuance of preventing my travel is where I am deputy and I am not a minister or deputy minister to be I have a financial disclosure. "

She continued, "I was one of the first House of Representatives who provide reveal their financial interests and this is what is published by Integrity every year body", pointing out that "the issue of the transfer of funds is the same lie that declared it three years ago was one of naivete believe her and the lack of bank or person by that name, and can easily make sure through UAE banks guide because there is no bank in the world announced the names of its clients. "
And published a number of local news sites and Facebook pages of some of the statements attributed to Al Ahli Bank Director of the alleged conversion of three million dollars as a deposit for a period of five years from the UAE to Iraq on behalf of al-Fatlawi.